Who am I?

I am an unlikely candidate to practice Rosemaling. I live in a sub-tropical country, far, far away from the origin of Rosemaling, have no strong Norwegian descent, and no real artistic training. Yet it is this last characteristic that featured prominently amongst those who painted and developed this unique Norwegian art form all those years ago.

Despite folk art being considered mainstream art, Norwegian Rosemaling is relatively unknown outside the Norwegian community and this is the purpose of this blog. To educate, inspire and inform and share the pleasure that is this beautiful artistic tradition.

My Rosemaling name is to honour my ancestors who first made this country their home. In primitive and difficult circumstances, one of Australia’s first free settlers, my 7th great grandmother carved out a home, called Forest Wood, in a nineteenth century rural Australia nd in doing so, created a pathway for a large family legacy of perserverance and trail-blazing in all areas of life.

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