Copyright – Sharing photos

When is a photo of someone’s work infringing copyright? Do you have rights over a photo of yourself? If you draw something that inspired you, is that original?

Wiki provides some answers to these questions:


Basically, it means that you have copyright over anything you have created yourself, as long as it is not a representation or copy of someone else’s work. It might be:

  • Photography
  • A sketch that is scanned to create a digital image
  • A audio recording of your own voice
  • A video recording
  • A derivative work is one that was inspired by another existing piece of work, but that which contains enough

Examples of Derivative Work include:

  • Screenshots of photo or videos
  • Photographing a work of art, logo or statue
  • Reading aloud someone else’s words
  • Drawing characters from an animated series or comics or a film

You do not hold copyright if you:

  • Scan or photograph an existing image that you did not originally create or photograph yourself.
  • Copy or download an image from a web site.
  • Use photos of you, not taken by you. The copyright holder remains with the person who takes the photograph.



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