What is Rosemaling

Tradition is important. Why? I hear you ask. Tradition is old-fashioned and boring.


All art has inspiration in something that has gone before, some tradition, even if it is completely new and experimental. We can all source inspiration or learn something from the traditions of the past, for they were most likely formed in a time before internet, before widely available books and had to be much more independently creative with little resources.


They developed the motifs, invented new styles, explored new techniques, pushed the boundaries. They produced exciting works in their time. This is the appeal that the Norwegian folk Art of Rosemaling has, for me. It is timeless, unique and dynamic.


Not only can Rosemaling can be fashioned into a completely contemporary design; it can be linked with many other arts and crafts, including wood carving, embroidery, costumes creation and even Disney movies like Frozen.


What other art form can transcend the Renaissance, Empire, Retro, Art Nouveau and Art Deco and still have enough punch to survive the minimalist contemporary decorating trends?_bjorn pettersenkubbestol

To this end, I am creating a blog dedicated to this art form. It is primarily here to educate, to inform and to inspire.

I hope you will be inspired to find out more.



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